Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Didnt Think I Miss You So Much,I Wanna Feel This New Life But Its Empty. .How Could You Do This To Me ..This All Mke Me Crazy . .Please Let Me Be Free . .Free From You . .Cant You Juzt Let Me Be . .You LYING Real Still But My HeartBeat Is FAst Just Like Ysterday . .I Dont Wana Miss A Thing . .Dont Wanna Miss Anything . Now Im Hurt ,While You Are Happy With Someone Else . .Why Do You Do Diz To Me? Why Do You Do Dz So Easily . .Sometime,When I Rmember Our Memory Together,I Feel Like Thats All Is Useless . .Its Useless . .Useless To Love With You With All My Heart . But At The End Of The Road . .Ive To Let You Go . .For The Name Of Love I Gave To You All My Love . .Dont You See The Deep Of My Love? With All My Breath I Try To Be Through To You . .I Just Wilingness All My Disapointed Bcuz You Disobient,Theres Nothing To Prove Ur Love. .Now Im BreathLess . Nothing Else To Deny My Love To You But I Was wrong That Believe You Are The One In A Million . .When You Leave, The Pieces Of My Heart Are Leavin You . .This All Is Killin Me . .I Thought, You Are The Only Exception . .But You Are Not . .I Thouhgt You Are The Perfect One . .But Youre Not . .

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